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Protecting Your Liquid Assets

Personal Wine Storage

Serious wine storage for any wine collector

At Wine Country Cellars, we know how important wine collections are to our customers. We take every precaution to make sure your liquid assets are protected and provide you with different membership levels to choose from to meet your individual needs.

Every aspect of our business is designed to protect your liquid assets and to provide you with superior customer service!

Our brand new, state-of-the art facility was designed by professional wine consultants in conjunction with top security experts. From the custom designed metal vaults to the 24 hour video surveillance system to the plush tasting/conference room with big screen TV, we offer the ultimate in wine storage!

Wine Country Cellars

Our Facility

At Wine Country Cellars we are quite proud of our state of the art facilities

The first question most people have is “What are the conditions in your storage facility?" Let’s begin there.

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Temperature Controlled & Humidity Controlled

Cellar temperature is constantly controlled at 55—57. Humidity is maintained and electronically controlled at 65—70%

The actual temperature and humidity is graphically recorded 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. Copies of these graphs can be provided on request.

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Back-up Generator

We have a100kw back-up generator in place which will provide power for a full 72 hours during any emergency, ensuring the protection of your liquid assets.

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Custom Designed Metal Vaults

Our specially designed louvered doors allow air circulation while preventing exposure to light. The vaults are secured to an 8” concrete slab to prevent any vibrations from affecting your liquid assets.

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Video Surveillance

We have 9 video surveillance cameras and motion detectors that monitor activity 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

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Digilock Computer Keypad Locks

Each vault door is secured by a Digilock computer keypad lock. This allows you to set your own personal vault code combination. 

Wine Country Cellars

Tasting Lounge

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Quiet Elegance

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Wide Screen for Presentations

Side Bar

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Full Kitchen Facilities

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Comfort for Your Tasting or Conference

Wine Country Cellars


Membership Pricing

Our basic vault is designed for up to 12 standard cases of wine. You can customize your vault to accommodate hundreds of cases or boxes of wine.

PLease contact us at (707) 836-7748 for membership information and pricing.

Please download and print a copy of our Membership Application and FAX it to: (707) 836-7918

Wine Country Cellars


Pick-up Services

We can pick-up your wine directly from many Sonoma County wineries.

Deliveries Accepted

We can handle direct delivery to your vault through UPS, Fed Ex or any common carrier from any location. For added convenience, have your wine shipped directly to us from the winery.

Deliveries Provided

We can even arrange for local delivery directly from your vault to your front door via one of our own couriers!

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Complete Shipping Services

We offer full service shipping through our sister company, Wine Country Shipping. Take advantage of their knowledge and commitment to service when you want to get wine from your vault to nearly any location. Plus, there are never any charges for transfers into or out of your vault through Wine Country Shipping!